Everybody else's coffee routine will seem prehistoric once you set your eyes on these cool gadgets. From self-stirring mugs to portable espresso makers, these brilliant inventions are game changers. Make your morning a little easier, and get these products for yourself.

11 Wine Gadgets That Will Make Every Hour Happy Hour

If you've been searching for the best products to organize with after KonMari-ing your home, look no further. These stress-free products will totally revamp your space. Ditching the clutter and organizing your home sparks endless amounts of joy and transforms your home. Organizing your home may seem like a daunting task, but these products will give you the added motivation you need. As an added bonus, they're all on Amazon!

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9 Things People With Clean Houses Do Every Day

Dogs are famously known as "man's best friend" but they're pretty great pals to each other too. Case in point: Charlie, the 11-year-old Golden Retriever, and his "seeing eye" puppy Maverick. After Charlie lost both his eyes to glaucoma (one in 2016 and the other a year later), his owners Adam and Chelsea Stipe brought Maverick into the family in January. The dogs bond took time to develop, but now Maverick acts as a companion to Charlie, who can't see on his own.

"When they would play, Maverick would realize that Charlie would lose the toy sometimes, so (Maverick) would pick it up and put it back in front of him to re-engage playtime," Chelsea told NBC Philadelphia.

Adam and Chelsea started an Instagram account featuring Charlie and Maverick's adventures. Despite the 10 years between them, they love to play, cuddle, and nap together, at their home in North Carolina. Ahead, see a few of their adorable moments together - they'll warm your heart right up.

Hooo Boy, This "Cherish the Dog" Post About Aging Pets Will Break You in Two

If you've ever looked at your room and thought "something's missing," chances are the last puzzle piece is a cool accent chair. Aside from adding more necessary seating to any space, it's an easy way to make a room feel full and more like home. We're all about shopping on a budget, though, so we found some of the prettiest chairs on the Internet, and they're all under $250!

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Pizza-lovers, prepare to get your parmesan on because Pizza Hut is bringing back the fan-favorite P'Zone - and the amount of cheese stuffed into these giant pizza pockets is already sending me into a mozzarella-induced nap. A Pizza Hut fan-favorite, this parmesan-crusted, calzone-inspired snack has been so popular during the last 17 years as an on-again, off-again menu item that it doesn't even need to actually be a pizza to be considered the Official Pizza of NCAA March Madness.

"We are excited to bring back the P'Zone as part of our $5 Lineup during a time when family and friends will be gathering in anticipation and excitement," said Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut's chief brand officer, in a press release. "Even if your team doesn't advance in the tournament, the comeback of the P'Zone is something we know all fans can rally around." The P'Zone is also available on its own in three savory flavors, including Pepperoni, Meaty, and Supremo. The Meaty P'Zone is made with melted cheese, pepperoni, ham, pork, beef, and Italian sausage, while the Supremo P'Zone is stuffed with green pepper, red onion, Italian sausage, and melted cheese.

So, whether you're all about the bracket picks or...

Have you even been chillin' on a pool float, enjoying the sun, perhaps a cocktail, and thought to yourself, "Man, I wish my dog could join me"? Your pup doesn't have to hang under an umbrella by his lonesome any longer. It's time to let your pet party with the humans. Walmart just released this Paws Aboard Inflatable Doggy Lazy Raft ($39), and we are shook. The float is made with special material so your dog's paws won't puncture it - genius!

If the paw-shaped option isn't your thing, there is also a bed-like design so your doggy can sprawl out and be comfy. Read on to check out all the options - made for both large and small dogs - and buy one before they all sell out.

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A man thought a ghost was cleaning up his tool shed, but it turned out to be a mouse! https://t.co/Zx6D2QZ6n2 pic.twitter.com/sgYAmDleEv

- New York Post (@nypost) March 19, 2019

When I lived in a ground-floor apartment in New York City, I spent a considerable amount of time chasing and trying to capture mice. They'd hide in my oven, underneath the electric stove burners, and inside microscopic holes in baseboards. Never did I stop to think that these mice might've been swinging by my apartment to help me clean up the place.

Sound preposterous? It's not. In a now-viral Twitter thread that's been covered by a number of news outlets, England-based Stephen McKears, a retired technician, shares home footage of a strange mouse tidying up his tool shed. After noticing that his garage was getting mysteriously organized each night - large screws and bolts were getting put away - he set up a hidden camera to catch whatever uninvited figure (he thought it was a ghost) was sneaking into his shed each night to clean up his tools. What he found was a complete surprise. Not only was a mouse doing the labor, but the rodent was putting in serious sweat equity - McKears said he cleaned up for...

Looks like we have yet another excuse to stop by the closest Chick-fil-A drive-thru. The restaurant just announced a brand-new Frosted Key Lime, which is a tasty twist on the ultrapopular Frosted Lemonade. Made with a combination of vanilla IceDream, Lemonade (or Diet Lemonade), and "a natural, sugar-free lime flavoring made from a blend of key limes, kaffir limes, and Persian limes," this drink - more like a milkshake - is sweet, tart, and totally refreshing.

Frosted Key Lime is launching nationwide after a successful test run in Austin, TX, restaurants last Fall. It will be on all menus from Monday, March 18 through Saturday, May 25, so cheers to Spring and treat yourself while you can. The lime-filled beverage joins Chick-fil-A's lineup of other frosty items like the Frosted Sunrise and Frosted Coffee, and if you've had any of them, you know how irresistible they are.

Get the Dish: Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich

Amazon is one of our favorite destinations for everything from home organizing products to cute Summer sandals, but the online retailer has so much more to offer. As shopping experts, we spend our days searching the site and noting exactly what's selling. Ahead we curated a list of the 35 hottest products flying off the shelves right now, so all you have to do is shop. From sofas to kitchen gadgets, no doubt it will be hard to leave without a couple bestselling picks in your shopping cart. Take a look.

The 10 Coolest Discounted Gadgets From Amazon's Top-Secret Overstock Section

When Spring rolls around, all we can think about is ridding our homes of all our Winter essentials. That way, we can usher in the new season fresh. We're all about a good Spring clean, but in order for our efforts to be productive, we need the right products. From makeup storage to all-purpose vacuums, these are the 11 items we plan to make the most of this season.

100 Natural Cleaning Products That Are Worth the Green This Spring

You know what sounds like a great dinner? Shrimp or other seafood steeped in a tasty sauce and simmered low and slow in a slow cooker. These recipes allow you to set it and forget it, so you can come home to something wonderfully aromatic and filling.

- Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

Slow Cooker Hacks For Busy Moms Who Simply Can't Spend All Damn Day in the Kitchen

If there's anything better than Trader Joe's, it's new Trader Joe's. This year, the store is shaking things up with a bunch of fantastic new food products in seemingly every department. The salad dressing arena has received a few newcomers, and there are even some breakfast loaves we've been drooling over, to name a couple. Trader Joe's is rolling out the new, and we're here for it.

From cookies to hummus to chocolate-covered goodies, TJ's is stocking shelves with all sorts of new and shiny things. Here's a roundup of the can't-miss newbies of 2019. Yes, you should try them all.

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Bakers, aspiring bakers, and wannabe bakers: we have an Instagram account to introduce you to if you've been living under a rock and don't already follow it. Wilton Cakes, creator of decadently amazing cake creations - and the tools and ingredients you need to make them - shares countless baked goods on Instagram to inspire your next baking adventure or just fuel your need for sugary content.

The nearly 100-year-old company has been a go-to for cake ingredients for decades, and one glance at its Instagram feed will show you why. It features delicately iced cookies, intricately frosted cakes, ooey gooey brownies, and anything else you can whip up in your oven. But don't stop at just looking through its Instagram - you can even take classes from Wilton! But you'll need to book far in advance, as its sought-after classes usually fill up fast with people and groups that come from all over the world.

Keep reading for 31 of our favorite Wilton creations, but be warned: you'll definitely need something sweet after looking.

50 Cupcake Recipes, Because Sometimes More...

Walt Disney World is known for being the ultimate family vacation destination, but it's also perfect for couples. From honeymooning at the happiest place on Earth to spending an anniversary there to even escaping to the parks for a quick weekend getaway, Disney caters to couples just as much as it does families, which is why planning a few date nights is a must when you're there. There are romantic dining options across all four Walt Disney World theme parks, resorts, and even Disney Springs that cover all tastes. Keep reading to find out where to grab a reservation and enjoy a romantic evening dining on some of Disney's most delicious meals.

36 Disney World Hacks That Will Make Your Trip Even More Magical

If you live in a tiny house or apartment, you know finding the right size furniture can be crucial. To make sure you get the most of your living space, we searched the internet for the best small sofas out there. So whether you're looking to freshen up your living room or you just need a little extra seating space, there's no doubt these picks will impress you. The best part: they all cost less than $300 but look triple the price. Keep reading to shop our favorite picks on the internet.

41 Furniture Pieces Flying Off the Shelves, They're That Perfect For Small Apartments

If you're a Disney-loving bride-to-be, we have plenty of ideas to help you throw your dream wedding. But what about your inevitable Disney-themed bachelorette party? Whether you and your squad are actually headed to the Disney parks or you just want to add a few magical touches to your big weekend, you definitely need to invest in a Mickey Mouse Disco Ball Tumbler ($17) for everyone in your party. Featuring a tight-twist lid that prevents any spillage and a loopy, glittery reusable straw, we can't imagine a better way to slurp adult beverages all night (or Minnie-inspired juices from Pressed Juicery the morning after). Shop it ahead!

The Bride Was the Belle of the Ball in This Beauty and the Beast-Themed Engagement Shoot

If you haven't done so already, go ahead and assemble your tag team for your next trip to Trader Joe's, because cotton candy grapes are officially back on shelves, and we'd hate for you to miss out on this golden opportunity to snag some. Cotton candy grapes are seedless green grapes that taste exactly like the hand-spun sugar clouds you used to eat at carnivals as a kid. They're a hybrid version of different grape vines and they're normally only sold during the Summer months, between August and September.

For the past few years, they've been a huge hit in grocery stores like Trader Joe's, Costco, Whole Foods, and Wegmans. Luckily for us, the grapes arrived at Trader Joe's early this year, and people are already going crazy for them. "This is the first year I have found them at Trader Joe's and bonus this early in the season. I brought a package home and OMG they are so sweet!" one happy shopper wrote on Instagram.

According to another user who spotted packages on shelves in her local store, they're being sold for $5.50 a pound. If you're looking for a way to satisfy your sweet tooth, you might want to run to Trader Joe's as quickly as you can.


If you're a fan of all things cute and tiny, then chances are that you're familiar with kawaii culture. But if you aren't, the Japanese cultural style that embraces bright colors, cartoon animals, and putting adorable faces on inanimate objects is so fun. And a perfect example of kawaii is this Little B Dumpling Ambient Light ($12, originally $17) from Smoko. Whether your little one is afraid of the dark, or you just want a cuter way to help your guests find their way to the bathroom at night, we couldn't think of a better late-night companion.

Little B, Smoko's latest Dim Sum series character (Dim Sum being bite-size portions of food served in steamer baskets or little plates), is a Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumpling. Measuring four inches in height and made of soft silicone material, Little B is happy to perch just about anywhere you want to put him. He runs on batteries, but he's equipped with a one-hour auto shut-off feature to help your batteries last as long as possible.

Smoko is known for its super-kawaii (and super affordable) gifts and accessories, and this little guy is the perfect way to add a little light and whimsy to your home. We dare you to look at Little B's face...

I'll be honest - I never thought I would be the type of person who enjoyed living alone. Since I've always loved being around other people, the thought of renting an apartment on my own sounded isolating and lonely. All four years of college, I shared a roof with either two or three other girls, and after I graduated, I moved in with my then-boyfriend and his brother. I always had someone to talk to, eat dinner with, and make me feel more secure if I heard strange noises in the middle of the night.

The following year, I signed a 13-month lease on a one-bedroom apartment with the same boyfriend, thinking if we got a place of our own, some of the issues in our relationship would dissipate. Not even four weeks elapsed before it became painfully clear - this wasn't where I wanted to be. And not the apartment, but the relationship. Maybe it was out of guilt, but when I finally gathered up the courage to break things off, I let him be the one to move out.

I'll never forget that feeling. I was 23 and freshly single, and not only was I stuck for another 12 months in an apartment I couldn't afford on my own, but I was now living by myself - something I swore I never had a desire to do....

It's no secret that we love Amazon for its useful and sometimes quirky products. But we have to admit we also love spending hours reading customer testimonials. There's something satisfying about buying a product that you know has been tried and tested by someone else. We went on a mission to uncover the site's highest rated items, so you don't have to. From makeup organizers to weighted blankets and essential oils, we curated a list of its 25 hottest hits ahead. Take a look.

I Traded in My Dirty Sponge For These Silicone Dishwashing Gloves, and I'm Never Going Back

Pouring a bowl of Lucky Charms for breakfast is cool and all, but what about scooping Lucky Charms ice cream into a bowl? Now we're talking. This festive St. Patrick's Day dessert recipe comes from the chefs at 24 Carrots Catering, and the beauty of it is you can make it as easy or elevated as you want. For the quickest shortcut, you can use your favorite store-bought vanilla ice cream and fold in crushed and whole Lucky Charms pieces, or kick things up a notch with mint chip or Guinness ice cream.

Alternatively, if you're a homemade ice cream pro, you can follow the step-by-step recipe for vanilla ice cream and then incorporate the Lucky Charms cereal. Served in decorative glasses with extra rainbow and four-leaf clover marshmallows on top, this ice cream is guaranteed to steal the spotlight at any St. Patrick's Day festivity.

These Lucky Charms Cupcakes Are Filled With Leprechaun Treasure

My favorite desserts to make for big family meals or dinner parties can come together in a matter of minutes, or even as an afterthought. They don't require ingredients that are hard to find and they are visually impressive. Such is the case with this simple strawberry tart. I got my hands on some bright red strawberries recently and immediately craved them on top of a buttery crust with a healthy dollop of freshly whipped cream.

All you need are strawberries, a sheet of frozen puff pastry, whipping cream, and sugar to create a beautiful Spring dessert. Puff pastry can be a little bit tricky to work with. You'll want to thaw it ahead of time, but it needs to be kept cold so that you can easily work with it. After that, all you need to do is plop it on a baking sheet, slice and arrange your strawberries nicely, sprinkle a bit of sugar and bake until it begins to turn golden brown and the strawberries cook through. Finish with a dusting of powdered sugar and a dollop of homemade whipped cream.

Puff Pastry Strawberry Tart

From Camilla Salem, POPSUGAR Food


While this recipe technically serves four, it disappeared really quickly, so I would suggest making two for any...

The purpose of a bachelorette party is to celebrate both your departure from singledom and the sacred bond of sisterhood. If, for you, that means dancing in a club all night and drinking cocktails from a suggestively shaped straw, then by all means, have at it! But not every bachelorette bash has to include jello shots and strippers. If you're searching for a less rowdy party that's more about recharging your batteries and relaxing with your closest friends, we've rounded up 14 unforgettable bachelorette destinations to celebrate your upcoming "I dos." From the rugged rainforest to breathtaking beaches, the following destination ideas focus on relaxation, wellness, and self-care - strippers not included.

Before You Travel in 2019, Here Are the Best (and Worst) Airlines, According to Experts and Fliers

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a house where my mom cooked for our family of six just about every night. My mom is Italian and grew up with seven sisters and two brothers in New York, so her knack for cooking and love of food likely stemmed from sitting down to home-cooked meals with a family of 12 on a regular basis. You could say she knows a thing or two (thousand) about cooking.

Now that I'm an adult and love cooking just as much as she does (I even get paid to write about food!), I'm always trying to master the art of cooking as a 20-something on a budget. I rely on my mom's passed-down knowledge more than I could have imagined, and while she taught me plenty of recipes (everything I know about pasta, I owe it to her) and has answered an embarrassing number of my midcooking-panic questions over the phone, there's one solid piece of cooking advice that has stuck with me the most:

You can make something out of nothing.

As in, you don't need a recipe to cook something, and you don't have to have a full pantry and fridge to get dinner on the table. My mom is the queen of pulling scraps from the fridge and freezer and seemingly magically turning them into a cohesive,...

Area rugs can add a lot of style and function to almost any room. Put one in your kitchen to keep your feet comfortable while you're cooking or doing the dishes; make one the focal point of your living room while amping up the coziness; or put one next to your bed so you feel the plush, soft comfort when you swing your feet onto the floor every morning. And, of course, they can help you distract from that ugly flooring in your rental. But while area rugs are useful and beautiful, they're not immune to mess, and can attract all manner of grime, crumbs, spills, stains, and dust. The good news is, because they're so portable, they're pretty easy to clean with the right know-how. Here's what you need to do.

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen - No Chemicals Required

1. Vacuum Both Sides

With carpet, you can only vacuum one side, potentially pushing dust and crumbs further into the fibers rather than sucking them up. An area rug, on the other hand, can be vacuumed more thoroughly on both sides. Vacuum the fiber side first, then flip it over and...

If you're looking to spruce up your living room, the best place to start is with your sofa. Shopping for a new one can be both stressful and expensive, but thanks to the internet, it doesn't have to be. We went on a mission to uncover the most affordable and stylish couches out there. Surprisingly, we found 15 impressive picks that all come in under $350. So what are you waiting for? Keep reading to shop these hot picks before it's too late.

41 Furniture Pieces Flying Off the Shelves, They're That Perfect For Small Apartments

Do you know the No. 1 thing dogs eat that they shouldn't? (Hint: it's not your homework!) Find it out and more when you start the slideshow of the top sneaky nonsnacks that often cause choking, surgery, or worse!

Calling all pet owners! Flower crowns for dogs are real, and now you can get one that they won't destroy. Made by the inventors of BarkBox, BARK - a leading source in everything dog-related - this plush Flower Crown ($12) is a playtime dream and the perfect photo op accessory. It's no secret that our fluffy friends want to do everything with us. And, while it's nice to have a companion on walks through the park (or just someone to howl at the door while you're in the shower), it's also nice to occasionally be able to match with our pets, too.

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It stretches (up to 16 inches), it squeaks, and it makes any pup look ready for a warm-weather family gathering. So, whether your four-legged friend is big or small, just imagine how adorable they would look wearing flowers on top of their head while playing in the yard or even posing for a (hopefully, matching) family photo.

Have you ever seen furniture that was so gorgeous, you immediately had an urge to redecorate? Well, that's how we feel about all of the pieces at Urban Outfitters. They're just the right mix of modern and retro, so they're easy to incorporate into so many different design styles. We don't love playing favorites, but if we had to choose, we'd find room in our homes for these 14 pieces.

100+ Bedroom Furniture Pieces So Affordable, They're Selling Like Crazy

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