Peeps' 2019 Easter candy collection is here - and pancakes are officially on the menu! The candy brand just debuted a new Pancakes & Syrup flavor, and I can already feel my inner child screaming with sugar-induced joy. With 10 marshmallowy chicks per package, there's plenty to go around if you feel like popping one or two in your mouth for breakfast on Easter morning (or for a game of Chubby Bunny).

As if bringing out the breakfast-lover in us all wasn't enough, Peeps also released more intriguing marshmallow chick flavors that need to chirp their way into my mouth ASAP. Other new products include Cotton Candy Marshmallow Chicks, Chocolate Bunnies wrapped in pastel foil, and Orange Sherbet Marshmallow Chicks Dipped in Crème Flavored Fudge - because apparently springtime wasn't sweet enough already. These Easter basket stuffers can be found in retailers across the country, including Target, Walmart, and CVS.

These candies have certainly come a long way from the little yellow chicks we all know and love, and it's definitely something to get excited about. Keep reading for a full list of Peeps flavors and where to find them ahead of Easter.


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